Gareth will Remain a Star Player

The rejection of Real Madrid will be all in vain once Gareth Bale wears the Wales Shirt. Jonny Williams, the midfielder is of the opinion that Gareth will not be proven to be Hot Red for Wales. Irrespective of the woes of Real Madrid, Gareth Bale is loved by the fan base as he has proved to be the goal-scorer, making records for his country with 31 goals in 75 appearances. He has been appreciated as the knight in shining armor as he has been excelling at the previous Euro when there was a surprise run for the first major tournament semi-final since 1958.

Gareth who spent his early years and major life in Cardiff is 29 years old but nothing held him back when it came to lifting a trophy four times in the six years while he played with all blood and sweat for Madrid in the Champions League, even after such efforts it looks like Zinedine Zidane isn’t happy with Bale. He seems to be putting him through difficult phase he as a boss is trying to move.

Gareth out of the team and Christian Eriksen has been added, who seems to have connections in Tottenham. In this season Gareth Bale wasn’t seen as much and it was hence directed some kind of inconvenience, he was one of the players who had great skills and tactics who wasn’t seen in the field when it was needed. Bale is a big-time player with a good fan base and is currently worth £600,000-a-week.

Williams insisted that Bale is a player who plays without any inhibitions because he is a good player and will always be worthy of it. The day is putting the shirt of Wales on William can vouch for him to give100% on the field. No one has been able to predict his skills and tactics on the field. Thus it is the reason it is exciting to play alongside him in the team.