12 thoughts on “xCjc_2oo9x MW3 WINS LEADERBOARD”

  1. Saboo´╗┐ was the best when i was around ­čÖé now its jus sad boosters every whereee ,

  2. I’ve been in sabo lobbies with him, I’m fairly´╗┐ high ranked in sabo as well. He’s not really good, he just rush plants. He’s not actually good, because there are a lot of scrubs that play sabo it’s EASY to win..

  3. That Goonie_Toons kid is still #1 he’s a beast.´╗┐ He has over 10,000 wins. all he plays is sabatoge that’s how he gets so many wins..

  4. U quit, HAHAHAHAHA u got banned u FAGGOT for boosting u suck I heard about´╗┐ u lololo

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