25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale: ‘confidence is the key’”

  1. anyone who plays football at any level knows your as good as you think you are and feel, if your having a bad game you overthink everything which causes mistakes ect..

  2. No he shouldnt !
    He should go to a bigger club to become a better player and win trophyes.

  3. Why old Harry won’t let you play with Keane on the pitch. I seen Bale and Keane playing together preseason last year and they were on each others wavelength. Old Harry has got some kind issue with Keane.
    Ask Bale who he wants on his team…. Keane, Krankjar, Dos Santos. Not Lennon or Crouch. The f’ing knob jockeys are having a free ride at Tottenham doing dam all while Bale has had to carry them. And bringing Penaar to spurs while in CLeague finals. Old Harry, instead of selling scrapheaps lol

  4. Signed up for nearly half a decade and already said himself he’s staying.

    No more “Welcome to ____” comments.

  5. chelsea would do great with this type of player, a great left side crosser!! two great forward strikers no being use properly, what a waste!!

  6. lol why would Messi leave Barcelona? They’re the best team EVER. If Bale got the chance to go to Man Utd or Real Madrid or a huge European club, it’s not fair of the fans to expect him to stay. Maybe not just yet, but he’s not far off being a complete player, and he will soon need a complete club. Don’t get me wrong, spurs are a great side in great form, but they’re hardly title challengers.

  7. They have good attacking players, I think he should stay in spurs. They score lot of goals but they need better fullbacks then they can win premier league

  8. take a note from Messi’s book. When you are dominating and performing so well stay with the club that brought you there! Just b/c you play well with one club doesnt mean you will with another and Spurs gave you your shot!

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