24 thoughts on “Liverpool 0-0 Spurs: Uncensored Fan Reactions (Suarez Returns)”

  1. you know nothing. i have contributed 100x more to LFC than you ever will. fuck off

  2. and if by any chance you did go to school and managed to learn how to read, you will see that the comments that slagged the team in this clip, were from British sounding names, yes read them slowly,,, pause….read the names… un pause…realise how stupid you are…

  3. and who said its your team? do you hold shares in it? do you pay any staff salary? what makes it YOUR team? You’re just an ignorant, inconsequential, fucktard who knows nothing more than claiming benefits while shouting LFC!!! you’re not even a supporter, you’re just a fan who know fuck all about football.

  4. It was an evenly met match, both sides could have nicked it. Spurs definately looked like they missed Lennons pace and VDV quality though. Would have liked to see Kaboul, Sandro and Huddlestone in the side, players who are not afraid to get into opponents faces when they are out of line. Like Agger, who are you lot kidding with calling Bale a diver, Agger was having a kick at his knee. Does not get much dirtier.

  5. why was the comment signed by your mom at the end? She should have swallowed your load anyway.

  6. ha ha ha ha , if you werent so busy thieving and taking heroin, you could try stand up comedy……..cunt.

  7. yeah badly overrated, so overrated in fact he’s barclays player of the month …..AGAIN!! Carroll is the biggest lump of shit ive ever seen,fucking talenless !! And Kenny is so out of his depth ,its hilarious watching him give interviews after games, watching the pressures of modern football slowly destroy him !! Quality Muggy little scousers are almost as deluded as muggy little gooners !
    Chin up lads, the league never lies !!

  8. Youre shit cos your seventh in the league u cunt! the league never lies!!

  9. the reason y ppl r being negative is bcuz of their expectations. We expect lvp to blow every lower team out of the water. we want to feel the same success we did under rafa (chmps lge, 2nd place). kenny needs to stop playing it safe and start being a little more adventurous. get some more creative players like bellamy and get the team gelling. were losing ground on 4th place the more we play it safe. rebuilding is taking way too long for a big four team.

  10. but don’t we always? i feel like we’ve been sayin this since August, and it’s still true. The problem is, we can’t say that we’ve been improving a whole lot on the season. We desperately need the Champions League next year to attract new talent

  11. I think we played well against spurs all we lacked was the finishing touch, and with Suarez only just coming back we can’t expect much more, I don’t think Gerrard is back to his best yet but Carroll has improved I think we have plenty to look forward to… Keep it going King Kenny

  12. Gloryhunting? If I’m a glory hunter, you think I’ll be supporting LFC? not Mancity? You are a disease to your people. you don’t know shit, you talk shit and you’ve got shit for brains. Fucking brainless, benefit-relying, council-house-living, jobless cunt. Go sit on your spastic, druggy daddy’s little prick, ya fucking retard

  13. its getting harder to defend suarez even before he come liverpool he bite somebody at ajax, the handball at the world cup, the racist thing and now the kick to parkers stomach also i wish he would stop kicking the ball left or right and trying to run on to it every time its too predictable and he’s a better player than that and why the hell is johnson great defending at left back but poor as shit at right back? we need a top clss finisher too suarez also don’t have the best finishing skills

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