24 thoughts on “Kyle Walker – Future Superstar”

  1. Don’t you just find it funny when people say welcome to real madrid or anyteam. And then that player never goes there. Fukn pricks

  2. i like walker he a good player real and barca would want him cuz he better then ramos and alves them guys can’t defend lucky real and barca r great teams who have like 70% poss so they hardly exposed but they r shit alves and ramos

  3. It’s close to call between Walker, Sagna and Richards. However, as the youngest of the trio, I think that Walker is better now than either of the others was at his age, and so (hopefully) he will develop to be clearly better in a few years.

  4. As a spurs fan and big admirer of Walker, I’d tend to give him a fair point. Richards is just a beast and Sagna is very good too.. Walker though still has a good chance to catch up to them. Most importantly, he’s far better than the last two right backs we’ve had.

  5. He is decent at defending. His pace and effort make up for any lapses in concentration.

  6. good RB but imo Rafael and Sagna are far better micah richards is just pace

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