23 thoughts on “Jermain Defoe Welcome To Liverpool 2012 |HD|”

  1. What are you on about? i mean people’s careers flourish when they go to liverpool – Look at Andy Carroll.

    Oh wait wait, no, no they don’t, you’re right.

  2. Haha, this video is a joke! As if Defoe would ever want to go to Liverpool, big step down from Spurs. Though you’ll be fine, you’ve got Andy Carroll!

  3. defoe is much too good for an average team like liverpool. If he wants proper service and a chance of playing against the big boys then he’ll stay at spurs

  4. the liverpool fans probably don’t want him. but your manager and damien comolli seems to love overspending on average english players, like henderson and downing, charlie adam aswell!? no wonder liverpool aren’t playing well, no offense intended but surely kenny aint the right manager to take you back to top 4?

  5. hahaha this is the most unnecessary video on youtube! spurs can keep’em he’s shite

  6. even though its a great video i would be surprised if we signed him. people getting to ahead of themselves when we havnt even made a bid yet.

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