25 thoughts on “IWC’s Ultimate Teams – Welsh National Squad ft. Bale & Giggs (FIFA 12)”

  1. Has anybody ever thought Ryan giggs may be Gareth bales father? I mean they both look like chipmunks, there both from wales, there both left midfielders and yeah…

  2. There is a guy called noble lazarus who plays for Barnsley. He is amazin for a player who is only 60 rating u must get him

  3. @SwanseaCityVideos hes a beast on UT and real life. Nice to see a swans fan ;D

  4. @BenArfaAndTiote Meant 4-3-3 my bad. 4-4-3 wouldnt be to bad though would it? ha

  5. @The321dick Your the thickest person I have ever known to comment on a video.

  6. @The321dick lack of respect mate? you clearly dont respect me, i mean so i get $5 off a video is that so fucking bad? ive made like 90 videos and spent over £400 on equipment, mics, tvs and pvrs and put time and effort into making videos, so is $5 so much to ask back? Unsub if you like i cba with people like you

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