23 thoughts on “Gareth Bale is still angry with Charlie Adam following a challenge at weekend.”

  1. can you please PLEASE show me the part where i say ‘liverpool are a superior team to tottenham.’ whats wrong with enjoying a bit of success. When was the last time spurs beat arsenal and automatically said ‘arsenal are a superior team’ Never, the enjoy the succes. So simmer down lad. And if we are bringing up past spurs results, what about losing to wigan and drawing with norwich, dont act as if spurs are some kind of superpower, because they most certainly are not.

  2. Wow! You won against Tottenham for the first time in three seasons. That makes Liverpool a superior team. Oh wait, Spurs are higher in the Prem and have beaten 3 of the top four, Man U 2-3, Man City 3-1 and Arsenal 2-1. But i suppose for a team like Liverpool, draws against those teams are an achievement. :S

  3. so? doesn’t ‘giving’ goals away classify that as a shit performance?

  4. aahaha you call that a win , we gave liverpool the win ! two retarded goals

  5. Charlie Adam didn’t apologise for it, he is the fucking ignorant Scottish cunt

  6. You have clearly not taken into account my hate for most players, including Liverpool players, there are few players I’d trust, carragher, puyol, xavi, buffon dirk mutt Are a few of the names I’d trust, not jealous just simply not happy about the way he conducts himself, comes off arrogant!!


  8. I dont know why you think Bale is arrogant, he doesn’t do anything thats arrogant or to be a twat?
    you do though, i can easily call you an arrogant twat for being so hypocritical.
    you probably hate Bale because he rips apart liverpool

  9. I don’t like what Adam did to him, but as a person I think bale is an arrogant twat! When he burst onto the scene I thought the world of the bloke, now I hate him with a passion, take note, I also hate Adam! But bales just a more annoying c. Ronaldo

  10. If he’s asked a question in an interview, he’s going to reply. if he doesn’t, he’d get called arrogant. he hasn’t even said anything about Adam that isn’t true.

  11. These two have a lot of history between them. Charlie Adam took Bale out for 6 weeks with a nasty challenge while at Blackpool

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