22 thoughts on “Funny Cat Runs On The Pitch – Liverpool Vs Tottenham 0-0 HD [Feb.6 2012]”

  1. That cat made more movement on that pitch than most Liverpool players this season

  2. If you like this video (Cat invades Football pitch Liverpool vs Tottenham 6/02/12)
    Then watch my version too! it is REALLY FUNNY! 😀
    this is the link : watch?v=vEP1AsyzbT0

  3. The cat has been identified. He’s a stray cat called Kenny, probably found his way into the stadium to find a spot to sleep during the night, got woken by 50,000 soccer fans.

  4. Does she get the banned for running onto the pitch?
    Best pussy I seen in Liverpool, no fake tan.

  5. It was a terrible first half – I was in a “Cat”-atonic state.

    Actually, when you analyse the cat’s movements in the box, it was talking tactics – telling the Liverpool players the most likely advanced positions to score from.

    Did they listen?


    Fucking awful game. And Johnson doesn’t deserve to be a Premier League player. I can’t name anything he did that didn’t result in Spurs coming away with the ball.

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