20 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – I’m Not Afraid 2010/2011 HD”

  1. Check out my channel for tottenham and the players compilations!!!!!!!!1 Thaks!!!!!!

  2. Please give me some tip cuz I think he haven’t reached my expectations in this half of the season.

  3. Good luck to Abate (Milan RB) tonight lol

    Milan lost to Tottenham at home when Spurs didn’t even have Bale, Modric was on the bench and VDV was half injured, what chance do they have of beating Tottenham with a fully fit VDV, Modric, Bale (maybe) lol

  4. if he had blasted that to the top corner there would have been so many (more) comparisons to Giggs.
    Bale is a beast.

  5. It’s np mate, I’m a fan of your stuff and it isn’t fair when you put the work in for someone to rip it off. If someone took my clips to make a Tottenham video I wouldn’t mind because of them just being goals, but to take a montage/compilation video then it’s not right!

  6. Thanks man! You’re the first one to understand it! lol, he almost got 10,000 views because of my vid lol!

  7. nei. han har bare tatt på andre effekter oppå klippene. Se min video og hans så vil du se at han har tatt over halve videoen min. Han har “zooma” ned fra logoen min slik at man ikke ser den. Det er derfor man ikke alltid kan se alle hodene til spillerne..

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