25 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Stevenage – Official goals and highlights | FA Cup Fifth Round Proper 7/2/12”

  1. Wonderful wonderful performance from Gareth Bale! Truly a winger of class.

  2. I swear every goal Defoe scores is impressive. And we need to find some loophole to get Bale playing for England lol

  3. What a quality in front at the Spurs, Defoe a substitute? world class Striker!

  4. Bale is an amazing player but ruins it with his ridiculous diving, not the first time this season!

  5. Defoe… get ur ass down to Anfield lad. Play under the King and you will be world class.

  6. i dont want to hear any of my fellow spurs fans chatting shit about Jermain Defoe again..

    Best striker we have at the club.

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