Manchester city manager Roberto Mancini has said that he has already spoken with some of the officials of the club over the possible transfer of Gareth Bale to Manchester City in the summer. However, he reckons that it will be difficult to persuade the Welshman to leave Tottenham. Gareth Bale joined Tottenham from Southampton in a £ 5 million deal many seasons ago, but he is set to command around £ 35 million in a transfer scenario. Even though Tottenham have resisted any attempts to buy Gareth Bale and Luka Modric up until now, many reckon that it will be tough for Tottenham to resist the attempts of Manchester City in the summer.

Gareth Bale has had a fantastic season for Tottenham. He, along with Luka Modric, has been one of the reasons for Tottenham to be challenging for a top four positions this season. However, like Luka Modric last summer, he has already been linked with a number of clubs across the world including Barcelona. It is thought that Barcelona have pulled themselves out of the running after being hit with the pricetag of £ 40 million for the player. However, money is not an issue for Manchester City, but Mancini still reckons that he will not be able to get Gareth Bale in the summer.

“Gareth Bale is a fantastic player. But I don’t think he will leave a big team like Tottenham. We talked about this some weeks ago. But our focus has to be on the next two games,” the Italian told reporters regarding the prospect of signing Gareth Bale in the summer. He also said that he will now be concentrating only on the prospect of winning the league title. City will have matches against Newcastle and QPR. If they win these, they can win the title.