25 thoughts on “Future Of Welsh Football”

  1. this screen should be blank you welsh cunts facts are you are shit at everythin, stick to shaggin sheep

  2. Wales have a handful of decent players, 20 years ago they had Rush Hughes Radcliffe, Horn,Saunders, Blackmore, Southall etc etc and even then were crap. Sorry.

  3. we have won it though and we are a much better team than you arnt we, and your excuse is that the majority of wales play rugby , you havnt won the world cup in that either have you ? now run to the hills and shag those sheep boy !

  4. jesus that was ages ago mate. Let it go. you only one it once Brazil 5 times Italy 4 times. So you can shut your trap

  5. baaaaaaaaa does that sound famliar and also does the score 2-0 come into mind …. see you at wembley

  6. Wouldn’t know what? That England aren’t good enough to win anything and they delude themselves into thinking they can? And why should I comment on that, ridiculous statement, I don’t hate the English, I just dislike the English national football team, and well done, almost 50 years ago now

  7. you are welsh so you wouldnt know and you havnt even commented on the subject about swansea and cardiff? erm 1966 world cup ?

  8. Whats that got to do with there being nothing ‘mighty’ about the English national team? There isn’t, they aren’t good enough to win anything
    We know we aren’t good enough, we aren’t deluded, we don’t lead ourselves to believe we’re one of the best nations in football

  9. excuse me, compared to you i think we are, you welsh fucks make me laugh, if you hate the english why dont cardiff and swansea fuck off to their own league , or is it not even as good as our conference league? where are you even ranked in the world hahaha …… 2-0 i think the score was, and at wembley it will be 5 , hope you enjoy the sceond match i certainly will ! 🙂

  10. the time has come to drum up support for wales. when you face eng. u face a true team of good players with values,morality,personal sense of dignity cameras clicking away. yes they are good but did you see how seriously the U.S team played them? compare ur team to eng. and see the TRUTH instead and TRUTH can see wales through a Well Earned Victory over not ENG. but blokes who are ruining the sport and who would laugh at you for falling into their plans once again. wales play them like we did

  11. But he’s gone now, so ALL good…….. He’s not going to turn it round straight away, give him a 3 or 4 games.. then they’ll start showing it at international level !

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