25 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Free Kick Tutorial | Xbox & Playstation | HD 1080p”

  1. Anything that uses [LB], like Driven, Power Shot, Curve Power Shot not
    working in xbox 360, please explain me

  2. ok,bun fain ! dar cea ce se intampla pe FIFA 15 la antrenamente la lovituri
    libere RATEZI dai rar gol si la meci dau DIN ORICE POZITIE GOL scriu in
    romana pt. ca stiu ca esti roman :)) BAFTA !

  3. oh man free kicks are so easy this year. I scored tons on fifa 13 but I had
    to practice a lot in the arena until I got it down, with fifa 15 I score
    them every other game, too bad you can’t control the position of the keeper
    when on the receiving end.

  4. Is B (X360) the shoot button on your controls? Because i use X as shoot and
    and B as lob pass in game, should i still use B in freekicks?

  5. In the practise arena how do u change to ronaldo and bale cause I’m always
    messi and Neymar

  6. For the Power Free Kick in the PS3 it doesn’t work! If you use L1 the shot
    is low! Same if you use L1, LS up and O! Help??

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