The Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has said that he expects the winger Gareth Bale to be fit for the visit by Swansea next weekend. Tottenham will be taking on Swansea City at the White Hart Lane next weekend. It is an extremely crucial match for the club given that they were recently defeated 2-1 by Everton during the weekend. This result has meant that they have fallen to the fifth position in the Premier league table, while also allowing Arsenal to close the gap further. Tottenham looked like a goal from Clint Dempsey was enough to get all three points at Goodison Park, but they allowed two injury time goals to lose the match.

Tottenham were extremely poor in the attacking sense and only managed to score the goal through a deflection. One of the main reasons for this was due to the lack of the winger Gareth Bale, who is regarded as one of the best players in the world. He missed the action after suffering a hamstring injury just before the match, but the Tottenham manager expects him to be back into the first-team action by next weekend. Three points against Swansea is extremely important for Tottenham given that they need to pick up momentum before the start of the Christmas and New Year fixtures.

“There is a strong possibility Gareth Bale could be fit for our next game. But I felt Clint Dempsey did well in his position on the left. The problem was that Everton became a bit more aggressive with their approach play and started hitting us with long balls, and we suffered as a consequence. It was a very disappointing result,” said Andre Villas-Boas after the match. This defeat means that Tottenham have lost the most number of points in the final 10 min of the match.