25 thoughts on “#WhenSnoopsInEurope: Gareth Bale”

  1. Player of the year is voted by the players so it has clearly given to a worthy winner

  2. I didn’t say he was bad, but he’s overrated. Kinda in the same sense that Rooney is overrated. Walcott scored more goals and got more assists than Bale last year, and in less games. Walcott gets labelled as a guy with nothing to offer but pace, and Bale gets labelled as player of the year? Yes, he was fantastic against Inter, but for a lot of the season he wasn’t Player of the year worthy, and he only seems so good playing for Wales because him and Ramsey are the only great players.

  3. Overrated? Did you see him when Tottenham beat Inter? Any Wales match?
    he’s PFA player of the year for a reason.

  4. Is it jus me or are all these WhenSnoopsInEurope vids are beginning to remind me of that fuckin weird alien rapper kid #TsimFuckis !!?

  5. no goodluck to Bale playing against snoop. Snoop gonn have him smoked up, doped up and higher than a kite lol

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  7. I want to see Chris Brown send one to David Haye, for being the “brawler of the year”

  8. Oh Snoop if only you knew about 10,000,000 Gooners are not gonna buy your record now!

  9. look people it is fuckin obvious that snoop sent u here this is his god damn youtube channel dont understand why people always say the same thing

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