9 thoughts on “Spurs fans after 0-0 draw with Chelsea”

  1. Trust me you were not singing the whole game, far from it…Like i said before worst tottenham support i have seen at the bridge in YEARS, seems as if tottenham are getting all the toffs and hats and scarfers going these days.

  2. thats because the last 2 rows are for disabled, and there were no disabled people there

  3. I am not saying you never sold out your 3000 that you got given i never said that once, all i am saying is that there was empty seats in the upper tier that’s all nothing nothing less, i am only saying what i saw that’s all, like i said maybe a tottenham tout might of had 70 tickets and got nicked who no’s….?

  4. empty seats in that tottenham end? the game sold out to ST holders mate, me (a bronze member) didn’t even have a chance of applying for it….

  5. Yeah standing in the spurs end it would seem that way but from accross the other side of the stadium in the harding lower you could see the section of empty seats, it was right near the front of the top tier between blocks 2 and 3, there was a section of about 60-70 seats over 4 or 5 rows all empty..Now unless a tout or someone had them tickets and got nicked we will never no but that was the first time at the bridge in years i saw empty seats in the tottenham away end…..?

  6. what???? we outsang you lot all game, your ground was a library? seriously your the first chelsea fan whos said that, anyone who watched the game could only hear our lot, stamford bridge is genuinely worse than arsenal

  7. I was at that game and that was tottenham’s worst display (fans-wise) at chelsea for YEARS, your fans were silent for near enough the whole game and made next to no noise at all none apart from when you sung that nursey song once or twice and that was it, all hats and scarfer’s now at tottenham and the fact you had 4 or 5 rows of empty seats in the upper tier near the front did not help you one bit…The tottenham that came to the bridge in the past wer good but now these days your rubbish.

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