5 thoughts on “Spurs Bolton player ratings”

  1. Parker 8.5, Luka 7.5!! Luka ran the show yet again, him & Silva are on a different planet to everyone else in the Prem, we are soo lucky to have him i hope he dont leave…i think our energy dropped when Azza went off for Rafa, I hope we sign someone like Hoilett or get Townsend on the bench because I think if Azza or Bale gets injured it will affect our way of playing!
    P.s I shudder to think how good we would be if we still had Berbatov, he is miles better than Ade whos made us so much better

  2. So with regards to Gallas, i dont think anything is missing and that he aint fit, the fact is he hasnt played, he is rusty and needs games, and I think Harry would rather have his experience than Bassongs, esp next to Kaboul!!
    It was only earlier this season when spurs fans were moaning about Lennon and Bale being off colour, & one dimensional and all that crap..now they have had a run of games &vup to speed they are looking amazing!! Games are whats needed, unfortunately our bench dont get them

  3. I was/as a big fan of Bassong but he needs to move on for the sake of his career…he needs run of games to get into a rythm, he dont play to well when he is in and out!! Tbh people use Ledley as a yard stick for being able to not play, and then get chucked in and perform at the top level…Ledly is a freak and a WHL legend…noone in world football can do what he does!!

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