25 thoughts on “Spurs 11/12 – Dark Horses?”

  1. @B9D7L yeh that’s now but remember that time when all you gooners 8-2 much, right now its nowhere near as bad as that

  2. so 3 points isn’t behind you cunt ? and yeah..i ant going no where ..speak to me when ever asshole !

  3. hahaha 3 points ahead spurs but i speak you at the end of the season dickhead!

  4. 7 months to be precise douchebag + arsenal wont even make it at 4th place .! wait and watch the fuck up now ! haha

  5. we have lost our touch lately, the england job has got to harry redknapp and we have to many injuries! once we have sorted this out next season we will be flying! we are better than arsenal and we have a brilliant squad COYS!!!!

  6. Why dont you arsenal cunts fk off and watch you own honsetly why i dunno you come and watch these dont you have your own vids or something YIIDS COYS

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Dark horses? they’ll be lucky to hang onto 3rd place.

  8. Not anymore they are not after failing against United, Arsenal, and Everton. They might get a 4th place finish if they don’t watch out.

  9. This year ToTTenham hotspur going to the Champion’s League and im verry happy for That =))

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