16 thoughts on “Norwich City Canaries fans outsing Spurs in 2-1 victory 9.4.2012 @ White Hart Lane Tottenham”

  1. Norwich till I die and the afterlife!! What an amazing view you lads had. Wish I was there. All my mates are Arsenal fans, so smiles all around lol Gonna go watch Norwich vs Arsenal as it’s only a few train stops from me. Shame I’ll be sitting with the Arsenal crowd…still wear my yellow and greens cause I’m proud. Proud of what Lambert and the boys have done for the last two seasons and now. OTBC!!!!

  2. yeh and are you forgetting the fact we should of had 2 penaltys,glory hunter,support 2 teams fuck off,not a true supporter

  3. I dunno, thought Norwich done more than enough to deserve to win but I may be biased I guess!!

  4. Norwich are my second team and Spurs my first. Norwich played well, but that first goal was scabby. Should have been 1-1

  5. totally agree cheltcanary – best performance Ive seen since the destruction of a very little poor team in S*ffolk last season.

  6. thanks. very kind of you. good luck to spurs for the rest of the season. much prefer them to get the 4th place.

  7. im on my sisters youtube account, so dont laugh at the name..
    im a spurs fan was at the game..
    you deserved to win the game fans were class all game

  8. yeah, Im sure Spurs will bounce back. good luck for the rest of the season.

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