25 thoughts on “Neymar JR – TOP 5 Goals BEST DRIBLING & SKILLS 2013-2014 HD”

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  2. is just a matter of time remember neymar hasnt reach his best yet give him
    a year or two and he will become better than messi and ronaldo ever was

  3. Dude no one has Messi’s ability, I love Neymar, he’s my second fav player
    but Messi is just something else

  4. neymar is a super skill player if you dont see it you just dont like him
    messi and ronaldo only have one thing over neymar and is experince neymar
    will get there

  5. Neymar is a great player, but he isn’t the best!! For me personally it’s
    hard to say who the best player in the world is. And why does it always
    have to be a striker or attacking midfielder? I judge on how vital a player
    is for the team,you’ve got great players like Gareth Bale, but he isn’t
    indispensable. Kompany of Man.City was injured and the team just fell
    apart, so to me he is of more value for his team. Yet still everybody
    thinks Bale is better. Cr7 and Messi are also vital for their team.

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