11 thoughts on “MW3 UMP on Bakaara w/ my best commentary yet? Team GB”

  1. You keep wishing while I take my 10 quid note out and look at the Queens head while I stand in the middle of Belfast. Your day will come? How long you’s been spouting that. BRITISH is how it is and will stay.

  2. That is your opinion dude, however I am sure there are many that would disagree with you. I’m not trying to be political here, I was just talking about the passion I feel for Team GB, so I am going to steer clear of the debate. I do Irish History at Uni, so I understand the pain that has gone between Britain and Ireland, but I think now is the time for us to put all of this in the past and to try and move forward together. I hope you can agree with that.

  3. Yep I think that’s right. That means Bale, Rodwell, Ramsey, Wilshere, Walker, Gibbs, Jones, Smalling, Bannan, Taylor, Allen, Loach and loads more could play for us. What a team that is 🙂

  4. What are the age limits for olympic footy? From my understanding its under 23s with three older players. Is that right?

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