8 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli & James Milner’s reaction after Manchester City’s 3-2 win against Tottenham.”

  1. just by saying that uv’e stooped lower to a level which would rival balotelli

  2. Stomping on someone’s head is not mis-understood that’s assault, he’s a prick.

  3. He can be irresponsible, But that doesn’t make him dumb.
    Hate him if you want, i think he’s just misunderstood. He’s been scrutinised ever since he arrived, but i think he’ll prove a lot of people wrong in the future.

  4. Setting off fireworks in your bathroom, throwing darts at youth team players, failed to put on a bib and also he tried to backheel the ball into the goal and failed, speaking two languages doesn’t make you intelligent and I cannot wait until he quits English football the spoiled brat.

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