9 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Stoke City 2-0 , Tottenham vs Wigan 3-1 & Man Handcuffs himself to goal post”

  1. @Mashood455 i think they are the best team in the world, but they currently show no determination to win games in La Liga and their display against valencia on wednesday night was poor… Apart from that they are the best team in the world by far

  2. @woodymacclad Hmm lets see.. if city win the europa league and nothing else do you think that Mancini will keep his job? NO!
    And If i were to talk about every single detail about each game, this video would be 15 mins long and really boring… Thats why I put all the links to the game highlights in the description..
    Anyways thanks for the comment.

  3. you are an idiot! All city have is prem? What about Europa League? Same as united?
    You know nothing about football! man of THAT match? Its man of THE match.

    So you watched the full game of EVERY game? Thats how you got your in depth opinions? No facts! No opinions! Very Very Very poor video!!

  4. lmao! ‘now we move on to chelsea, they played like shit as usual and i guess we are used to that nowadays, so i guess we can move on.” haha funny shit.

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