25 thoughts on “Inter Milan v Spurs @ San Siro – 4-3 – Gareth Bale Hat Trick”

  1. i know kenny is one our most talented youth prospects, and he plays exactly like bale by that i mean his pace with with dribbling ability, he does play on the left primarily but iv’e seen him play on the right as well and i do think he is right footed

  2. I’m going to start SlideShowTube and it will be like a big bin for all the videos on YouTube that are not videos. Because when I click on a title in YouTube, I expect to see a video. What with it being a video site and everything. You know, for videos.

  3. yeah but raul has retirerd now villa still has time to score goals for barcelona and spain plus when raul was with the spain squad he ad shit players behind him but vila has iniesta and xavi and fabregas behind him to hep him score goals

  4. You said “he walks around like hes a good goal scorer wen hes shit” does that means you think he is shitty??? David Villa has 47 goals for Spain Raul has 44 goals.

  5. fuck sake are you not listening to a word i said, i said villa wouild be shitty if he didnt have iniesta and xavi behind him, he is not an individual striker he has to rely on xavi and iniesta to make goals for him, and by the wat real madrids former striker raul has scorerd the most goals for spain ever and not david villa

  6. dont tell me wot to do or ill smash ur face in, and the reason hes cocky is coz he walks around like hes a good goal scorer wen really hes shit, i bet if he had shitty players behind him and no xavi or iniesta he would score any goals

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