23 thoughts on “Gareth Bales fastest sprint vs. Inter Mailand fastest player in football against Maicon CL HD”

  1. it’s 11 seconds if U has slow accleration and slow reaction time. 36km/h=10meter per second. 39km/h is faster than 10meter per second. So I doubt Ronaldo has 1second reaction time. I think you overestimate Cristiano. His 100m is more like 11.2-11.6
    He is not that fast look Ronaldo tester to the limit and he is beaten my more than half a second to a guy on a 35yard test. And that guy has record 10.2 in the 100m. And if they run longer Ronaldo will loose by more.

  2. it is not he really does .Listen to me Ronaldo since to years has a scientist who help him to be faster stronger fitter etc. He really runs 39.2 km/h i read it in a magazine and at internet to . But dont think i underestimate Bale . 39.2 km/h is 10-11 secs . 🙂

  3. when Bale starts his run he is like 2 meters behind Pavyluchenko, and when Bale reach the Ball he is like 3 or 4 meters before Pavyluchenko..

  4. 36km/h=10 meter per second so 39km/h under 10seconds on 10m. Bolt’s top speed is 46km/h but he uses long time to hit that speed and also the reaction time plays a part on the 100m time.

  5. do you think Ronaldo can run 39km/h? Get real man. That is under 10 seconds on 100m.

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