25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale | Wales – Slovakia”

  1. @ettoa, no mate thats my worst nightmare lol, we already have great britain in athletics etc. its nice to be called england in something rather than great britain or united kingdom all the time lol

  2. Not all of the welsh people, In-fact welsh is becoming the priority language slowly in Wales.

  3. It’s a shame that we don’t pay as much attention to the national football team in Wales as we do to the rugby team. We sell out the Millennium Stadium every match for rugby, which is a big achievement for a nation of 3million. However, in football hardly anybody goes. It just doesn’t have the atmosphere of the rugby (which is apparently one of the finest sporting atmospheres in the world).

  4. haha your from the states! So your point aint even valid, You yanks know fuck all about our country and thats just the way i like it, the majority of you cocks even think were fucking australian! So back to what i said, you have no say in the matter…..

  5. 3 maybe even all of those countries would not want to play as a united team so that is just a stupid comment.

  6. Its so fucking stupid, if the UK just had one team United we would most probably win more! ENGLAND/WALES/SCOTLAND/ N-Ireland all do shit on their own! It’s proof United we are all stronger…

  7. our games against slovakia were possiblly the wierdest ever :L
    Losing 5-1 at home
    but winning 5-2 in slovakia :S

  8. does anybody knows if the rumours going around because of his Sporting Lisbon loan transfer are true? =S

  9. im right behind the goal when he scored that match.
    we ended u losing 5-1 lol
    torment of watching wales.

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