25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale VS Maicon (Tottenham 3 – Inter 1)”

  1. Its certainly not at Tottenham that hes going to progress to his full potential. No offense if youre a Spurs fan but you know what I mean. If hes able to play alongside the big boys at Real, Barca, Milan, Bayern or ManU like hes touted to be and hes successful at it, then case closed. I only say this because ive witnessed too many overated media hyped footballers because of a few games that never went on to do shit when the pressure built up. Would be a shame if it happened to this lad.

  2. Bale vs Thiago or Cordoba = different story.. although he did play extremely well in that game..

  3. Rumour has it Bale threatened to strangle Maicon with his cock before the game…

  4. Funny thing is….I silenced this video to listen to a rap track over it… and it was badass.

  5. Now i know why maicon flop that match….he actually got distracted by bale penis…and haunted him for the rest of his career..

  6. Those two shifts Bale put in against Inter were amongst the greatest individual displays I’ve ever seen, truly incredible for a player who at that time was nearly unheard of.

  7. not many people run past him with pure speed like this and defender or not those balls he placed in were beautiful

  8. This was one of Bale’s best performances no doubt but we’re making it seem as he accomplished an incredible feat vs an average defender… Maicon is no doubt the best ATTACKING RB in football along with Dani Alves but certainly not anything special in Defense. Never has been. When Bale joins a big club and performs consistently, perhaps we can really praise the lad.

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