25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – Unstoppable – Tottenham 2010/2011 HD”

  1. on that he was so shocked of the superb goal that didnt know how to celebrate it

  2. if any team wants to buy him they would at least have to break the british transfer record thats 50 million plus, spurs will put a crazy price on him to scare anyone away – spurs rejected 40 million for modric from chelsea so bale wont go cheap i even barca will get outpiced – bale is only 23 and named in the uefa team of the year and won pfa player of the year so i think no one will buy him and he will stay at spurs

  3. @whysocereal7 No barca dont want him, beause hes a typical counterwinger! NOT barca material! zubi just confirmed it! like i said hes terrible in tight spaces, something you must have as a barca player! and yes i saw that situations, and hes SO FUCKING WILD! like i said POOR in tight spaces, he has his head down and just run himself out of situations, instead of using techique and vision! and those crosses are just blind crosses between the keeper and the 16meter line, even walcott can do that!

  4. @moluksefreefighter01 barca dont want him only because of the 50mil price tag spurs put on him. yeah, andre schurrle and carroll, they have deproved this season. bale? hes been improving since the day he arrived at spurs. speaking of tight spaces, did you even watch this video? 0:15, 0:20, 0:22, 1:07, 1:11, 1:35, 1:38, 1:45, 1:50 he all has 2 or 3 men around him but he still manages to send in a cross or make a shot. why? oh right, cuz hes crap at tight spaces. makes sense, loser.

  5. @TheElg95 nah spurs just want 50 mil for him, but yeah this proves my point further

  6. @whysocereal7 Barca dont even want him, zubi ALREADY confirmed it! and there are ALOT of overrated talents who are rumoured to mthe biggest clubs! look at fucking andre schurrle from leverkussen! even he is rumoured to city/united/madrid and chelsea! and 30 mill? carrol was 40 mill and hes FAR FROM world class! so that point is invalid! and how often do i gotta tell you THIS! im have SPORT 1 i see EVERY game MORON! and BALE is SHIT in tight spaces where he need to act quickly!

  7. @moluksefreefighter01 if hes not world class, why would teams like barca, madrid and man city want to sign him? why is he rated 30 mil? boom, proved you wrong again. ok about the tight spaces thing im just going to try and get it through your brain, since ive told you so many times now. HE IS GOOD IN TIGHT SPACES, INFACT BETTER THAN NEARLY ALL WINGERS IN THE EPL, IF YOU WATCH A FULL GAME WITH BALE YOU WILL SEE HOW WELL HE PLAYS TIGHT SPACES. but of course, you dont watch games, just youtube vids

  8. @moluksefreefighter01 ok first of all, you dont have to type everything with an exclamation mark after it! kinda like this! yeah pisses you off doesnt it! ok, do you have any proof bale lacks vision or a footballers brain? he can play the ball into space every time without fail. ofc his crosses arent 100% sucessfull, but whos crosses are? you cant call someone a moron because they have more proof than you alright. now youre just making up bs in hopes that i will collapse but, yeah.

  9. @whysocereal7 To considere bale as world class shows YOU dont know anything about quality football! whats so special about someone with alot of pace/strentgh and sped, but lacks vision/a high footballbrain/close ballcontrol/tactical awareness, and being capable to make the right decision in TIGHT spaces, wich is a KEY in modern football! bale LACKS alot of WC qualitys! so like i said hes just above average! nothing special at all!

  10. @whysocereal7 Its seems you dont KNOW anything about being woerld class or just above average! bale is above average BUT far from being world class! deal with it moron! and i dont back it up with facts? being capable to make the right decision in TIGHT spaces is a WORLD CLASSSqualioty wich a few have! a player who DONT need time on the ball is exceptional ( zidane/messi/iniesta etc! bale HASN’t GOT THAT! those are facts for a world class player! also his ballcontrol and first touch is AVERAGE!

  11. @moluksefreefighter01 also, dont you dare put arsenal and barca in the same comparison, its like saying “that animal was as huge as a bear or a mouse”

  12. @moluksefreefighter01 no football intelligence at all? once again, i back my opinions with facts, unlike you. hurr hurr bale sucks in tight spaces hurr he needs time and space hurr so what every single team he faces the defenders are just like “hey lets give this guy space to run”? no, they try to stop him and get him into tight spaces but they cant, you know why? cuz hes too good. ok mr average, who would you consider to be above average, and i will prove you wrong in a snap

  13. @moluksefreefighter01 yeah but I think he has the same style of those 2… He needs a lot of space to use his pace and beat defenders just like Walcott and Lennon, if he doesn’t have it, he’s not that effective. One good thing about him is that he has a deadly left foot, if you give him time to shoot most likely he will socre….But in teams like Barca, Arsenal, etc that pass the ball a lot he will probably get lost without spaces….

  14. @cristianoronaldocr7m because to be better than lennon and walcott you dont have to be a good player.

  15. @cristianoronaldocr7m Hes better than walcott and lennon, but not much better.

  16. @whysocereal7 You have no football intelligence whatsoever! bale’s specialty IS NOT in tight spaces! Xavi/Iniesta’s specialty is in tight spaces! NOT BALE! he needs time and space, YOU probably dont watch any games of him! i have sport 1 you moron, i see EVERY game in europe! and nani? who says im a fan of nani? i dont judge players by STATS! stats say lampard i a BETTER midfielder than zidane! i see qualitys! and bale’s qualitys are pace/strength and speed! THATS ALL! nothing special! average!

  17. @whysocereal7 You are SO FUCKING DUMB! what has the bpl player of the month to do with ballcontrol and technique? ballcontrol and technique is NOT kicking the ball past you’re opponent and run after it! as soon spurs play combination football, bale gets LOST! he’s a typical counterwinger with speed/pace and strength! and lacks everything else! bale SUCKED against every team that played pressure football! ( arsenal) and got RAPED because he’s SHIT in tight spaces! learn football you dumg shit!

  18. @moluksefreefighter01 terrible in tight spaces? if you watch anygame with bale you will see his speciality IS tight spaces, but of course, you just stay at home and watch youtube videos all day. no vision? he has more assists than your beloved showponies nani and hazard, and nearly all of them were crosses. are you saying that since bale has more assists that hazard and nani are terrible as well? villa played as striker, whilst bale at left wing. see, i back myself with facts, unlike you.

  19. @moluksefreefighter01 ok so i guess he was bpl player of the month just for having good pace, and no ball control and techinque at all. hes scored 9 goals and 7 assists because he has no ball control and technique. why isnt walcott or lennon ever the bpl player of the month then? retard.

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