25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – Unstoppable [HD]”

  1. this guy is like Ronaldo plus bergkamp and beckham.a complete striker winger and left mid

  2. @4arsenal4ever4 Bale isn’t good at what? what in the world can Walcott do that Bale can’t? nothing! What can Bale do that Walcott can’t? Shoot, head, pass not to mention Bale is strong, while walcott is built like a very feminine leprechaun!

  3. @4arsenal4ever4 HAHAHA! Walcott is quick… and thats it. Bale can do everything, he can head it, he can shoot and he’s ten times the dribbler, passer and crosser Walcott will ever be. 

  4. @Sandro95o how can u say gareth bale is good? Thats just not true. heard about walcott? he is mutch better and mutch faster

  5. this vid is just awesome. ur from another world when it comes to editing.

  6. love it mate! cheers for the message 🙂 love that song if i remember right its from your “audere est facere” vid. keep up the good work yido for life.

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