13 thoughts on “Gareth Bale | Tottenham Hotspur | 2010/2011 [HD]”

  1. thanks for the tip, but always do what you want to pass me your videos and I put on my youtube with your name on the video.
    We like a team

  2. Mate I aint that bothered but other people will get very fussy. Could atleast put some sort of credit and change it round a bit more than you have. COYS

  3. I made ​​this channel because I love tottenham, which is why I download some videos from the internet, and make some changes.

  4. I love this video and how it looks very similar to the bale vid i made?????????????????

  5. thanks, I also like the Gareth Bale, since it really is a legend of tottenham

  6. Great vid!
    I Really do love this man without a doubt already a tottenham legend

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