25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – The Pace Machine – Goals, Assists, Skills”

  1. haha faster then walcott ? come on man stay objective and fair im an arsenal fan and bale is the better player but come on faster then theo walcott ? never absolutly never. walcott is a beast when it comes to pace 100 meters in 10,3 seconds he broke henrys sprint record at arsenal and henry was way faster at his prime then bale now

  2. Foothold for Tottenham. Basically means they have a chance to get back into the game.

  3. What is the man saying when Bale his goal makes against Arsenal?
    Gareth Bale …. Goal for Tottenham.
    What’s he saying?
    ps. I’m Dutch, sorry for my ‘good’ English. xd

  4. Bale was the worlds best player for two months. Hopefully he will be “back”

    I’m a spurs fan, of course!

  5. The way he takes his free-kicks, identical comparison with Cristiano Ronaldo’s style… Hmmmm

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