24 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – Special Honour /HD/”

  1. Bale is a great player… In my book hes one of the top 5 players in the whole EPL he really i a great player.

  2. I’m an Arsenal fan, but I’m not afraid to say Tottenham have a pretty good team with some amazing players. Love Modric and Bale <3

  3. Gareth Bale is an amazing player and he will keep being amazing for tottenham

  4. @NorwegianFootballers I have subscrible already mate and i will,and when you next vid?

  5. @AssassinZSaM Thank you very much. I have a Taarabt vid, check it out!
    And remember to subscribe 🙂

  6. @NorwegianFootballers What a vid amazing mate! Well not v qpr as i am a qpr man and mate could you do a qpr vid i be so greatful for that plz mate:)

  7. @aTBCproduction1 Thank you so much !
    I`ve watched your vids aswell. They are great aswell 🙂

  8. @aTBCproduction1 I asked him if I could use the song and the “background speaking.”
    And he told me that I could. COYS !

  9. haha i though i recognised bits from yidvids video. Great vid mate! Its a pleasure to watch him play it really is. COYS

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