25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – I Could – Amazing Goals & Skills – 2014 – HD”

  1. If only he had a better right foot……he would have scored a lot more

  2. Wow that amazing ….Man good job

    Gareth Bale – I Could – Amazing Goals & Skills – 2014 – HD

  3. When he joined madrid I was certain he was gonna flop. But in his settling
    in season he really fucking proved me wrong

  4. I appreciate the finish and the run in the first clip but i just couldn’t
    keep my eyes off the speed that Ronaldo was running at to join in to the
    counter attack. Amazing.

  5. Damn he’s good, also you have to keep in mind that this was only his 1st.
    season with Real. Probably going to be even better next year, or hopefully

  6. hes been a more important player than ronaldo for them this season, won
    them the copa del rey and CL , plus hes faster ,stronger and a better
    dribbler than ronnie at the moment. for the record, im a ronaldo and man
    utd fan. but this guy really has speed and power like no one else

  7. Amazing video, you are the best editor on YT. Please do a Eriksen vid.

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