Welsh superstar forward Gareth Bales said he was not injured after reports made the rounds that the player picked up a knock, hence his training alone on Monday, ahead of their biggest single footballing event ever.

Wales is set to take on Portugal in the semi final round of the Euro 2016 in France and there are feelers that the team could go all the way with the level of confidence they are playing with. The concerns have been waved off with Bales saying he just wanted to give himself extra recovery time. The 26-year old gave a lot of revelations regarding the preparations ahead of the game. He said the whole team was riding on their improved confidence level so they could improve on their performance in the game against Belgium.

“We have been having meetings to talk about the areas we can improve on. We know we played a good game against an incredible team in Belgium, but we still want to keep progressing,” the former Spurs player said.

“If we improve those little one percenters all the way through the team and the performance, it will only help our game. You can never be totally satisfied; you can always improve in football. Whatever level you are at, that is what we will keep trying to do,” Bale said.

Wales will miss Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey as he would be on suspension after receiving two successive yellow cards. The team would need to be innovative without him.

On if he feels different facing club team mate Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale dismissed such claiming the game was bigger than both players but more about both teams playing against each other. He added that the team was already thinking of the final like how Greece and Denmark stunned the world.