25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Goal vs Man City”

  1. Twas a thing of beauty, how such a humble lad has gained confidence and shown his talent since Spurs started winning when he started – shame we didn’t win the game, and mario shoulda been off, them’s the breaks !

  2. @888state I am of Polish and know language.
    Sorry for errors because not for very I know language English 😀

  3. @digireedoo haha gareth bale already have a title carling cup in 2008 unlike Theo walcott

  4. Balotelli should have been sent off. City lucked their way through this game. COME ON YOU SPURS.

  5. @MutantCyclops the commentators are speaking in polish language which isn’t very easy to understand ;) it is also similiar to russian and other Slavic languages from eastern europe 😉

  6. men in white should have won. Man with Italian name should have got red card, for kicking the best defensive midfielder in the EPL

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