7 thoughts on “Gareth Bale – First Half of the Season (Goals, Feints, Passes) HD”

  1. he can also get lucky like lennon and not lose his speed pass the time lennon still holds a solid pace

  2. gareth bale is amazing however i predict hes going to age the same as kaka has, between 2005-2007 kaka was the fastest player in the world burned everybody nobody could touch him then he gets injured loses some of his pace and hes a completely different player, that could happen to bale easily

  3. 13 goals? messi got 45 goals from 41matches…and 18 assists too…yeah2, bale is great, then messi is godlike…

  4. Ok so he’s scored 13 goals this season as a winger and your trying to say he has been average?he has destroyed arsenal, chelsea, man city, inter milan, young boys, twente, werder bremen. Not exactly the smallest stages now are they?he’s 21 btw and only got into spurs team a year ago, and has been injured for a month.the boy is the most unique talent on the planet, no one can do what he can do. (not saying he is the best in the world, but he is certainly top 10) he can get into any team apart fr

  5. Nearly the whole video is about the game against Inter. Sums up his season so far…. 3-4 excellent performances and apart from that just average.

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