Gareth Bale Described as the Best Athlete


Jesus Olmo, ex-doctor for Real Madrid football team described Gareth Bale as the best athlete he has ever seen. Despite Bale getting injured so many times and struggling with them in recent seasons, Olmo explains why he describes him as the best one. The Welshman has enjoyed a career with so many highlights at Real Madrid since 2013 when he joined the club by moving unexpectedly from Tottenham Hotspur. But often, he has faced questions regarding his individual statistics, despite being able to do enormous things. Bale has struggled with troublesome injuries in the past few years and that has become a reason for frustration for the Los Blancos management.

In spite of all these factors, Olmo never stopped to praise the athletic ability and game skills for Gareth Bale. He said Bale is a player who has excelled in the running between different countries before he got his professional breakthrough at Southampton at only 16 years of age. Olmo also said that he cannot think of any other athlete who has the ability to excel in almost any kind of sport. Bale is the best athlete according to him.

Olmo explained that Bale has got some unusual kind of genetics in him as well as different technical ability which helps him to excel in so many kinds of sport altogether. Gareth Bale is the one footballer who can impress all in different aspects, although the performance is something that comes about from a different circumstance. Seven years ago, Bale moved to Santiago Bernabeu and he has made 249 appearances for the club and has 105 goals to his name. Olmo said that there are very few players who can under pressure, and Bale is one of them. Gareth Bale has one La Liga title, four titles for Champions Leagues, and one title of Copa Del Rey to his name since he moved to Spain.