25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale and Craig Bellamy’s Fantastic Goals Vs Norway || 12/11/2011 || HD”

  1. Giggs might be a united legend but he’s been a pile of uncommitted shite for Wales, Bellamy Is a true welsh legend and bale will become one.

  2. gareth bale is a great player but his celebration looks like he’s a pre pubescent girl posing for a picture on Facebook. good goal though

  3. Bale is a defender but he scored more goals then van der vaart in the english premier league xD

  4. @MUFC127 he is very friendly, it is just a communication to his lover

  5. @MUFC127 sick of rooney being such a cunt. bad player and an absolute wanker.

  6. @MUFC127 you mad Bale is one of the most down to earth players in the world

  7. @LlGHTBODY m8 Bale is fukin overatted… Bellamy has done in his prime Bale can never do, Bale “MIGHT” (jus rumours no official bids) be wanted by Barca or Real Bellamy has scored against BARCA to take Liverpool into the final…. Bellamy is a beast better than Bale

  8. @J1NKL3 Ah ye mad cunt, well done, I get it, because women have vagina’s, fair play man.

  9. Would you happen to have a copy of the whole game – im trying to get a copy of the player escorts at the beginning of the game – my grandson was one and he is on the sky prog botth in the tunnel and walking out with the welsh team – thanks

  10. @LlGHTBODY Bale and Bellamy play as wingers, Bellamy used to play as an inside forward, not anymore.

  11. @8gerrard8 ‘fagtard’ nice one… I said that because Bale and Bellamy are different players. One plays as a inside forward (Bellamy if you didn’t know) and Bale’s a wing-man, he sprints down the flanks barely cuts in whereas that’s all you see Bellamy do. He hasn’t got the same depth as Bale, since Bale can play anywhere on the left, right or maybe central midfield.

  12. @LlGHTBODY Lol why you comparing Kompany a center back to Campbell a striker? You are a fagtard, get the fuck out of my sight.

  13. @LlGHTBODY Where did you get those from? Bellamy scored 12 goals (10 in the league) and made 12 assists in 34 appearances in 09/10. Bale 11 goals (7 in the league) and 3 assists last season in 41 appearances. So Bellamy scored more and made 4 times as many assists in fewer games.

  14. @8gerrard8 Plus that fact you threw in aint even true…
    Bellamy 40 apps 11 goals in 09/10
    Bale 22 goals half of them in 10/11 season.

  15. @8gerrard8 You shut the fuck up, we need less Liverpool fans populating this earth. How the fuck is that a fair judgement anyway? Bellamy in his prime vs a young Bale… hmmmm that’s why we need you scum out of here. It’s not all about assists and goals, Kompany is a sick player, but doesn’t get as many assists or goals than DJ Campbell doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Bale is a left midfielder, he crosses the ball, spurs have only recently got a good poacher meaning he can barely get assists.

  16. @LlGHTBODY Wow dude you’re so fucking retarded just shut the fuck up already. Bellamy in his PRIME was better than Bale is NOW, do you understand? Watch Bellamy’s season 09/10 season, he scored more goals and made more assists than Bale has made in his entire Spurs career, he also tore Utd, Chelsea etc to shreds.

  17. @8gerrard8 Once again Bale is only 22, that season for Bellamy was good for his standard, Bale will accomplish that fête many times in his career. That’s like saying that Wolves are better than Man City because wolves beat Liverpool, United, Man City and Chelsea last season. I based it on last season because that’s the first season that Bale played in left midfield.

  18. @LlGHTBODY Wow, you’re a retard. Comparing both players on last season are we? Bellamy is 10 years older than Bale, his prime was long ago. Also that season he had at Man City alone is better than the entire career of Bale’s, he scored a double against Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal etc all in that 1 season. Bellamy in his prime > Bale, fact.

  19. @8gerrard8 He was never better than Bale is now, Bellamy played in the championship last season… proof. Plus Bale is only 22, so he can be as good as Giggs. Was Bellamy ever wanted by Real Madrid and Barcelona? No. That means Bale’s better -.- Oh and Bale scored a hat-trick against the Champions League cup holders. Better than Bellamy scoring a hat-trick against preston-north-end.

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