25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale ● Just Amazing ● 2012 ● Full HD”

  1. Thankl you very much for 2.000 views! Please check out my nani-video, and subscribe me.

  2. We’re having technical problems again. The video will be uploaded today.

  3. Because of some technical problems, i will upload the Nani video at saturday!

  4. Just 49 views more, and i will upload my video with Luis Nani! 🙂
    So please: share, and watch the video again! :-)

  5. Keep watching and sharing the video!
    When it reaches 2.000 views, i will upload my nani video!
    And it is way better than this! 🙂

  6. If this video reavhes 2.000 views in this week, i will upload a video with Nani! So keep watching and sharing my friends! 🙂

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