10 thoughts on “FIFA 12 | Welsh/English/Scotish | the Good, Funny and Hybrid ep. 4”

  1. @TheSuperFallout that it?, I got d.ba on my first gold pack opening(inform), second pack I got a.young, and Suarez (not inform) , and bought Gareth bale for 350 coins, no one bid on him, now that was fucking luck!

  2. alright dude never heard of robson-kanu i’l give me a try , still a good team

  3. I would go for either Bellamy (Liverpool) or Robson-Kanu (reading) both pretty pacey;) I already build an Canadian team, but I didnt upload might try again, Thanks;)

  4. loving to bale, going for that team good team also if i cant get bale should i get giggs or is there a better scottish/english LM to get (CHEAP/15kUNDER) anyway good vid. next team you could do is a American/Canadian team 🙂

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