8 thoughts on “FIFA 12 Ultimate Team | Player of the Week 4 – Pato and Wales!”

  1. Guys Im giving away Rooney, neymar Drogba and Van persie, Xbox people inbox me if your interested.

  2. you can play against a CPU ultimate team, obviously. and every time you score a goal, there is no GT over your opponent’s players. pretty pathetic that you spammed this shit on the EA forums too.

  3. Your a fucking idiot, when his opponent has possession it shows his gamertag. Look at the 1st fucking second u dumb twat. if you don’t believe him play him yourself and quit bitching

  4. looooooooooooooooooool you’re a dumbass. That’s why the other team I’m playing against is an Ultimate Team and the players have my opponent’s gamertag above them, right? Fucking idiot.

  5. do you think we’re idiots? you play your games and record offline and change the sliders. just look at the clip starting at 0:25! very cheap way to get clips. you’re dishonest and likely feeling guilty because you come right out and say “they’re not staged.”

  6. Great Videos Man! And that Sexy Free Kick! Thumbs Up Man! And Subbed too! Be sure to come to my channel and check out my commentaries!

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