25 thoughts on “FATV Fantasy Five A Side – Gareth Bale”

  1. Thats the point of this, you pick players you have played with. And gomes ‘saves everything’ is a tiny white lie

  2. this would be sick 1-2-1
    CDM-Yaya Toure

  3. Robben, Ronaldo, Messi, Van Persie, Torres… LOL who would need a keeper when you have these 5

  4. Some of you don’t seem to have read the 5 a side rules 😛

    Five-a-side rules
    1. Five players only
    2. You must have played with or managed

    its in the description..

  5. Gomes is one of tje best keepers in the world,.when hes on it unfortunatly 99% of the time hes not, if hes picking a spurs team im suprised he picked him over friedel

  6. @TheEamoncommander really… You must either be a Liverpool supporter or blinded by how good he usually is. Trust me I think he’s a good player, just like i think with the other divers i’ve put on the list but Gerrard is a scummy diver that puts rooney to shame on going down easy and/or diving full stop.

  7. He clearly picked them because he plays with them every week and thats what he knows, could pick a better team but I like his dedication. Like every one else I’m getting pissed off with his diving, but I’m sorry there are so many worse divers in the leuge, suarez, torres and every man u player 2 name a few, although torres has started diving less since his dick has started shrinking on a weekly basis.

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