25 thoughts on “Diary of a Season – Arsenal 5 Tottenham Hotspur 2”

  1. Hayley nodding her head at 9:01 haha priceless.. and then the disbelief of how someone could be so delusional by his own bias haha

  2. Haha, loved your first question to the Tottenham fan!

    Hayley Wright, Wright, Wright.
    Hayley Wright, Wright, Wright.
    Hayley Wright, Wright, Wright.

  3. The Hayley sigh at 4:36 is priceless. Or, shall we say, it comes without a price. Effortless. When a Spurs fan picks up his mug, the emblem pointing towards the camera. As a dutchman, I didn’t quite realise that emotions run so deep. But nice talk, anyway. 

  4. I really like your idea of bringing your Tottenham friend on. Nice honest analysis. Bring more of these on. Cheers

  5. I hear what you say but in this instance I was only watching it on TV. personally only once left a game early in these circumstances and coincidentally it was the extra time carling cup defeat against arsenal, but I will defend those that do it more often as I know close friends who get so angry and wound up that they have to walk away to calm down. I remember my brother in law leaving the san siro at half time and ended up missing one of the best hattricks in european football ! doh!

  6. I swear the Haley must have been right under the cameras for the US feed…..I heard that scream when Walcott scored during the broadcast….lol

  7. Not being funny but someone who stays to watch every last minute when their team has clearly lost the game is a better supporter in my books. Not that it matters. Just my opinion on the matter. If you have something to do right after the game and want to avoid the main crowd then thats one thing. But to leave 10-15 mins early purely because the game is lost is sad to me.

  8. Thats entierly up to you and its admirable, but you must see the people leaving around you. I dont know many people who havent left the ground early before, I/we/you see it every week Im sure. I dont think they are bad supporters that they dont want to see their team getting demolished. Its each to their own. Personally I hate it when people try to make out they’re a better supporter than someone else, we all go for the same reasons at the end of the day.

  9. I heard your “squeals” after both Walcott goals on the live broadcast out here in the States, Hayley! Wondered if it was you 🙂

  10. Typical Arsenal fan in what sense? That i look down on people who abandon their team when they are loosing? Thats fair to me. I didnt turn off when Arsenal were loosing 8-2 to United. I didnt leave when we were loosing 2-0 at home to ‘Pool. I stay / watch the full 90 mins reguardless of the score to cheer on my team. Arsenal arnt going to win anything this year, i might as well not bother watching them since the seasons lost anyway right?

  11. Thats a pretty dumb comment. It was 10minutes from the end, and it looked like it could only get worse and there was no way back. There was no point being punished any further. I’ve been going to spurs for the last 20years and watched nothing but mid table mediocrity for most of it, but I still went and will still go regardless of where we are and how we’re doing. Your description is of a glory hunter, and being a spurs fan couldn’t really be deemed that ! Typical Arsenal fan 😉

  12. fantastic video and finally rosicky’s got the praise he deserves, probably the only person to have his name and number on the 11-12 arsenal away replica kit :P. Fantastic from him, Sagna too not just offensively but defensively with Bale in his pocket the entire game, I’m surprised you didn’t mention that. Yossi, Theo, Robin, Laurent… great stuff from every player playing in red on that pitch, cmon you gooners!

  13. Miss Hayley Watching the game there was definite tilt from the ref (Mike Dean),every 50/50 call in favor for the spuds,clearly shows Mike Dean celebrating Saha’s goal,not to mention the media silence on Bales dive.Flavour of the month darling A’rry could do no wrong,Spurs fans will always claim they played badly rather than Arsenal outclassing them.Tactically inept A’rry was on display for us to witness,Parker is over rated ugly in every aspect in his play Coquelin out classed him earlier @WHL.

  14. The Spurs fan swiched off 10 mins from the end when loosing.Classic Spurs fan. Biggest fan in the world when their winning and not interested when its not going so well.
    If you didnt see the RvP - Theo interview after the game id suggest watching it. Its heart warming see what a captain RvP is. Legend!

  15. Another enjoyable report, Hayley.
    I was just wondering whether you issue the two baldy blokes that sit in front of you with ear plugs for every game. 🙂

  16. More from your Dad please and less from some muggy Scum supporter.

  17. Hi Hayley, We’ve been enjoying your reflections on the game and with Arsenal for a while now. We’d love to do a telephone interview of you for our weekly podcast at World Footie Net. Let us know and we’d be thrilled to set things up.

  18. Hayley’s season has been more than interesting to view. At least Arsenal are never dull.

  19. Legendary comeback. Showing great spirit after a week like that. Even Wenger, in hist post match analysis, seemed surprised about it. I thought Rosicky was man of the match. Great player to have in your side. Liked the part where you pointed the camera towards the skies, after the fourth Arsenal goal. Indeed, it must have been heaven.

  20. very sadly, we are a hot and cold side. We still need quality players. The downside of this is Wenger will regain confidence in his idiotic ideas

    Next week, don’t be surprised if they lose

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