23 thoughts on “Arsenal 5-2 Tottenham Hotspur [Promo] [26.2.12]”

  1. “…GOOD LUCK CATCHING 7 POINTS UP YOU GUNNER WANKERS…” How does it feel now to be a Spurs supporter knowing that Arsenal WILL go third in a matter of weeks? Wilshere tried to warn you, “Quit bragging; this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” Now that he’s proven right, we can hear your ass cheeks clapping bitches
    So let’s see how long you´╗┐ can hold off Arsenal with your 1 point advantage…

  2. ur best ever team having your best ever season, our worsst ever team having our worst ever´╗┐ season, and were still better than u.. snm u horrible yid cunt, go suck a kosher kebab u mug

  3. @southlondonspur1 Are you retarded or a troll? Arsenal is in Islington how the fuck does that make them Turks you idiot? Yet on the other hand there is a huge Turkish population in Tottenham. You sir, are´╗┐ an idiot.

  4. F******* depise arseshit fc – YOUR SHIT AND YOU KNOW IT YOU TURKS´╗┐ !!

  5. no need to seek vindication from´╗┐ SCUM BASTARDS ! my fellow Gooners ­čÖé

    just got one thing to say – WE BEAT THE SCUM 5-2


  6. dude u didnt´╗┐ beat us for more den a decade at home till like last season so stfu

  7. wow sore losers. our home grown academy are all mostly english,stars in case u havent realise wilshere,yennaris afobe and the list goes on. 7points is nothing impossible.you’re delusional harry’s going to leave then what happens. at least our manager chooses our club over his national team, 4th time in years he’s rejected the france job.lets´╗┐ see 16years of CL,FA,TITLES, and when did spurs last won the title? CUNTS Bunch of sore losing cunts. Have fun getting raped by united

  8. Yes but by´╗┐ far more English players with us… Arsenal did deserve the overall result no doubt, but obviously you dont seem to understand that Arsenal dont have English blood they have foreign manager and mostly foreign players! and oh yes so do spurs but we also have one of the highest amount of english and brits aswell. Oh and one last thing GOOD LUCK CATCHING 7 POINTS UP YOU GUNNER WANKERS

  9. Interesting fact: Our king thierry has NEVER lost a match against spurs. There’s only one team in london and where’s there’s a king there is a palace!! Arsenal :)) damn i wished henry was there just to stand in front of adewhore´╗┐ and show him what it means to be a true gunner!!

  10. this is why we call you guys SPUDS.´╗┐ why don’t you do some research. There were only 2 French arsenal gunners today, 4 ENGLISH(theo,ox,gibbs,Jenkinson). be as brainless as u want, but even spuds had the same amount of french and english players that played the game. now look who’s the fool now, small club,small mentality what more to say. say bye bye to harry next year:D oh and bye to bale as he joins his destiny at barca,the bunch of actors. north london will always be red!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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