25 thoughts on “Adebayor and Bale Celebration – The dances so far”

  1. uh oh. Really do we have to remind you of that amazing game at Man.u? What was the score again? I would 8-2 forget it :/

  2. Nandos was founded by a Portuguese guy in South Africa. Thats why half of the music they play in nandos are from Africa.

  3. Based on Portuguese food. The owners are portuguese people that live in South Africa.

  4. But Nando’s is a portuguese restaurant. Why are they playing african music there?

  5. calling me sad. if its so sad why click on it? typical gooner, nothing else to do with his life.

  6. So sad… he is a Loanee hahahahhahaahhahahahahaha he belongs to Citeh, that gave like 23 million great british pounds !! lololololol hahahaha straight to reduce the balance of our beautiful new stadium in North London, where u fucked up a 2-0 lead in your best year ever since the premier league started hahahahahahahahahahaha aaaaaa hahahahhahaha honestly what a shit little club that is. lol

  7. changing the subject again…… im not saying we didnt get “raped” or that your not better than us because you are, im stating that at the moment were not in your shadow? and i personally didnt say we was ever in for the title, lets be real now.

  8. nice comeback… You got raped, admit it. You’ve now lost 2 in a row and are looking more fragile. When Uncle Harry leaves, you’ll really be stuffed wont you now… haha 51 years mate, or should it be 5-2 now since youre out of the title race you were never really in?

  9. well somebody likes to keep on changing the subject, i mugged you off. fight your argument not change the subject. you wanna talk about “ARSEhole” “ARSEnal” same thing.

  10. LOOL typical thick arsenal fan? You got your arsehole widened 5-2 and you still think you’re the best team in north london? HAHA.

  11. you should re state what your saying, it appears arsenal are in tottenhams shadow at the moment. typical thick arsenal fan.

  12. And yet again a yido feels the need to copy Arsenal. This exact song was on an Arsenal video before… Always in our shadow.

  13. it’s funny cos Adebayor always has someone to dance with him in every club he moves to

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