24 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey “THE WONDERMAN” ready for 2011/2012”

  1. Wenger has a lot of faith in Ramsey, but there comes a point when the manager has to be repaid with his trust. We can all see that Rosicky is by far more effective in CAM than Ramsey and the Ox will soon be playing more in CAM as wenger mentioned. Thank God! Ramsey is HIGHLY OVERRATED! I don’t feel confident when he plays. In fact, Arsenal’s best run this year was without Ramsey. Go fiigure! Not coincidence either! Rosicky’s work rate is a lot higher and he is simply a smarter player!

  2. I’ve been waiting for a long time for Ramsey to show me some quality. Surprise surprise…….I’m still waiting! The guys has taken how many shots and missed how many shots this year? I’ve counted 10 open looks and he missed all of them. He loves to dribble and priouette like a fancy princess rather than directly play the ball into someone elses feet. Fabregas was very direct and Ramsey is never even going to be remotely close to Cesc. Ramsey i hope you are reading this because you need to help

  3. chelsea fan here bt jst hav to say that this guy is a real talent giv him time
    i think nxt season heel be better he had a HOOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIBBBLLLEEEEE injury and that takes time to recover physically and MENTALLY

  4. i agree with someone on here who said that ramsey was better before he broke his leg. i dont think hes anywhere near where arsenal need him to be at the mo. his passing is far too passive and ineffective. drives me mad how everytime he gets the ball he always turns back on himself and the play just slows down and normally goes backwards or sideways. also defensively he lets players run off him or in behind him far too easily and frequently.

  5. Aaron Ramsey scores V Man Utd (01/05/11) – Bin Laden dies (02/05/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Tottenham (02/10/11) – Steve Jobs dies(05/10/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Marseille (19/10/11) – Col. Gadaffi dies(20/10/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Sunderland (11/2/12)- Whitney Houston dies(11/2/12)

    Shit happens when Ramsey scores

  6. Aaron Ramsey scores V Man Utd (01/05/11) –
    Bin Laden dies (02/05/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Tottenham (02/10/11) –
    Steve Jobs dies (05/10/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Marseille (19/10/11) –
    Col. Gadaffi dies (20/10/11)

    Aaron Ramsey scores V Sunderland (11/02/12) –
    Whitney Houston dies (12/02/12)

  7. Ramsey scores v Utd, Bin Laden dies. Ramsey v Spurs, Steve Jobs dies. Ramsey v Marseille, Gaddafi dies. Ramsey v Sunderland, Whitney Houston dies. o_O

  8. This man is perfection! He plays football in an Arsenal shirt, he’s amazing at it, he’s Gorgeous and has a lush voice to go with it.

  9. when he doesnt play well, arsenal doesnt play well. look at the game vs. the spurs, and todays game vs fulham. huge part of arsenals squad

  10. so much like Gerrard, i have to agree, but i would like to ad, i think he will have more physical strength. if you look at his posture, especially in person at a game, you will notice he has very broad shoulders, which are very solid. when he turns 24, or 25 and his metabolism slows down the rest of the body will follow suit. i would expect him to play very much like gerrard, but with the physique of the likes of Ballack, Gilberto, Drogba, or Zidane.

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