Gareth Bale Set To Return From Injury

Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale is in contention to face Liverpool after returning to training.

Gareth Bale had been suffering from a buttock injury but is now all set to comeback. It has been reported that Real Madrid is all ready to welcome him back and he will be playing for the Champions’ League group game at the Bernabeu. This has recently punctuated troubles for Liverpool. Gareth has almost missed five games till now because of the injury but he has now returned to training right in time. People are looking to get their place secured in the last 16 with the European tie coming up.

Real Madrid has already won a game after Gareth’s comeback. He has recovered and also joined the team in a recovery session. Most probably he shall be completely fit to join Cristiano Ronaldo for the visit of Liverpool. Gareth has joined the team or the main group for the week’s last training session as stated by a Real. The training was of a series of demanding dribbling, shooting circuits and as well as passing. This was basically for the ones who had not started in Granada and were outfielders. This included Gareth too. Real Madrid has been of late in a very good position and has been playing really well.

Everyone is very happy with the game that they are playing and the only thing they need to do is to keep up the spirit and keep playing well. They need to also keep trying to add more and more to their game. There is always room for improvement. Since the first meeting last month between Liverpool and Real Madrid their fortunes have been very different and contrasting. The club’s problems are further being exposed after the loss at Newcastle United.

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Welbeck set to do well that Arsenal

Arsenal recently signed Manchester United striker Danny Welbeck in a £ 16 million deal, which appears to have pleased all parties involved. Arsenal failed that they have got a striker who is capable of becoming one of the best in the league for a relatively low transfer fee. This opinion has also made midfielder Jack Wilshere taken in direct jibe at United by saying that he would be never sold for such a low transfer fee. The fact that United allowed Welbeck to sign for a rival club knowing that he will probably be playing at the top level for the next decade has also surprised many.

At just 23 years of age, Welbeck still has a lot of time left to improve. Arsene Wenger has had a history of developing players with a lot of talent but without the right knowledge to put that on the pitch. One of the best examples is club legend Thierry Henry, who was largely an unknown quantity before he moved to Arsenal. He went on to score more than 200 league goals. Wilshere has long been regarded as one of the best young talents for the England national team. However, his poor performances in recent years may even force Arsenal into selling the player.

Wilshere is confident that even if Arsenal sell him, it will not be to a rival at such a low transfer fee. “Gary Neville knows what he’s talking about. He probably said what he said because Danny’s a Manchester United boy, he grew up there. In today’s market £16m is nothing really. With the quality Danny’s got, we have a bargain. There are not many players that leave one top club for another in England, especially English players. It’s unheard of really,” said Wilshere. Van Gaal, though, said that Welbeck was not good enough for United.

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